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Le repas (meal)

November 2, 2012

In France, people generally have 3 to 4 meals a day :

le petit déjeuner : breakfast (around 7-9 am)
> prendre le petit déjeuner : to have breakfast
le déjeuner : lunch (around 12-1 pm)
> déjeuner : to have lunch
le goûter : snack (around 4-5 pm)
> goûter, prendre le goûter
le dîner : dinner (around 7-8 pm)
> dîner : to dine

A typical French meal is composed of :

  1. l’apéritif : drinks and snacks (peanuts, olives etc.) taken before dinner in special occasions.
  2. l’entrée : the starter (usually, salad, soup or cold meat).
  3. le plat principal : the main course (meat or fish with vegetables).
  4. le fromage : cheese.
  5. le dessert : dessert.
  6. le café : coffee (especially after lunch)

For more vocabulary, watch the following videos :

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