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Les verbes réguliers en -DRE

October 31, 2012

Regular verbs in -DRE form a sub-group of the 3rd conjugation. Other regular verbs in French are :

1. Regular verbs ending with -ER (1st conjugation)
2. Regular verbs ending with -IR (2nd conjugation)

There are 3 kinds of verbs in -DRE, all following a different conjugation pattern :

1. Regular verbs in -DRE (like “répondre” : to answer)
2. Verbs like “prendre
3. Verbs ending in -INDRE  (like “peindre”  : to paint ; “éteindre” : to switch off etc.)

je réponds
tu réponds
il/elle/on répond
nous répondons
vous répondez
ils/elles répondent

Stem is for all persons : répond
Endings are : –s, –s, -, –ons, –ez, –ent.

Other verbs conjugated like “répondre” are :

  • entendre : to hear
  • attendre : to wait
  • vendre : to sell
  • perdre : to loose
  • all verbs in -andre, -endre, -ondre, -erdre, -ordre (EXCEPTED “prendre”, “apprendre” etc.)
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