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Le verbe “partir”

October 16, 2012

The verb “partir” (to leave) is an irregular verb belonging to the 3rd conjugation group. It’s conjugation pattern is different from both regular verbs of the 2nd conjugation like “finir” and other irregular verbs in -IR like “ouvrir” or “venir“.

je pars
tu pars
il/elle/on part
nous partons
vous partez
ils/elles partent

Stem is : for singular persons : par– (obtained by removing from the infinitive : 1) the ending -ir, 2) the consonant preceding it) ; for plural persons : part– 
Endings are : –s, –s, –t, –ons, –ez, –ent.

Other verbs conjugated like “partir” are :

  • dormir (je dors, nous dormons) : to sleep
  • sentir (je sens, nous sentons) : to feel ; to smell
  • sortir (je sors, nous sortons) : to go out


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