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La liaison

October 3, 2012

French language does not like breaks and in a sentence, groups of words are pronounced together without making the slightest break between each words. When a word ending with a silent consonant comes in front of a word starting with a vowel or a silent “h”, it is common, in order to avoid to break the flow, to pronounce this usually silent consonant and to link it with the following word. This phenomenon is called “LIAISON“.

Some final consonant change their pronunciation :

Letter Sound
D [t]
F [v]
N [n]
R [r]
S [z]
T [t]
X [z]
Z [z]


Be careful, “liaison” happen only in some specific cases, not all possible liaisons are pronounced !!!

A. Required liaison :

1) After “vous”, “nous”, “ils”, “elles”.

  • Vous êtes français ? वूज़ैत फ़्राँसै ?
  • Nous avons de la chance. नूज़ावों…
  • Ils aiment le chocolat. इल्ज़ैम…
  • Elles arrivent. ऐल्ज़ारिव…

2) After articles and possessive adjectives.

  • Il a un ami à Paris. इला अंनामि…
  • Elle a des amis. ऐला देज़ामि.
  • Les amis, c’est important. लेज़ामि…
  • Mes amis, c’est ma famille ! मेज़ामि…

3) Between adjectives and nouns.

  • Un petit ordinateur. अं पतितोर्दिनातर.
  • Un grand amour. अं ग्राँतामूर.

4) After “très” “trop” “chez” and other single syllable adverbs and prepositions.

  • C’est très important. सै त्रैज़िंपोर्ताँ.
  • Chez elle. शेज़ैल.
  • Dans une minute. दांज़ुन मिनुत.

5) After numbers.

  • Trois ans. त्रुआज़ाँ.
  • Neuf heures. नर.
  • De sept à dix heures. द सैता दिज़र.

6) In fixed expressions.

  • Comment allez-vous ? कोमाँताले वू ?

B. Optional liaisons :

1) After the verb “être”.

  • Je suis indien. ज सुइज़िंदिअं.
  • C’est un ami. सैतंनामि.

2) Between two verbs.

  • Nous avons aimé. नूज़ावोंज़ैमे.
  • Je vais aller. ज वैज़ाले.

3) After “mais”.

  • Elle habite à Kanpur, mais elle travaille à Lucknow. … मैज़ैल …

C. Forbidden liaisons :

1) After “et”.

2) In front of some “h” called “aspirés”.



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