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Les verbes réguliers en -IR

September 19, 2012

Most of the verbs with infinitives in –IR are REGULAR and belong to the “second conjugation” (“deuxième groupe“).

All verbs in -ir do not belong to this category. For example, verbs like “venir” (to come), “ouvrir” (to open) or “partir” (to leave) belong to the 3rd group and are irregular.

Endings for regular verbs in -ir for the indicative present are : je : -is ; tu : -is ; il/elle/on : -it ; nous : -issons ; vous : -issez ; ils/elles : -issent

Regular verbs in -ir can easily be differentiated from irregular verbs in -ir because of the recurrent double -ss- which appears notably in the endings of plural persons in the indicative present.

FINIR (to finish)
je finis
tu finis
il/elle/on finit
nous finissons
vous finissez
ils/elles finissent


Other common verbs belonging to this group :

agir : to act
choisir : to choose
établir : to establish
grandir : to grow up
guérir : to cure (tr.) / to get better (intr.)
obéir : to obey
punir : to punish
réfléchir : to think, to reflect
remplir : to fill up
réunir : to bring together
réussir : to succeed
unir : to unite



  1. Fill up the blanks with the ending of the verb “finir”.
  2. Fill up the blanks.

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