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La négation

September 8, 2012

Basic negation is formed by placing “ne … pas” around the conjugated verb. “Ne” becomes “n’“in front of a verb starting with a vowel or a mute “h“.


Ex : Je suis indien. → Je ne suis pas indien. (I am not Indian. ंमैं भारतीय नहीं हूँ.)
Ex : J’habite à Kanpur. → Je n’habite pas à Kanpur. (I don’t live in Kanpur. मैं कानपुर में नहीं रहता.)

If a reflexive pronoun or an object pronoun stands before the conjugated verb, “ne” will be placed before it.

Ex : Je m’appelle Dev. → Je ne m’appelle pas Dev.

If the conjugated verb is followed by an infinitive verb, “ne” will still be placed just after the conjugated verb.

Ex : Il aime travailler. → Il n’aime pas travailler




  1. Rewrite the sentences in the negative form.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Drag the words to put the sentence in order.
  4. Idem.
  5. Fill up the blanks with “ne…pas” or “n’…pas”.
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