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PAYS & ADJECTIFS DE NATIONALITÉ (countries & adjectives of nationality)

August 28, 2012

1) Pays

Noms de pays féminins (F)

L’Inde, la France, la Chine, l’Espagne, l’Angleterre, l’Allemagne, la Suisse, etc.

India, France, China, Spain, England, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

L’Italie, l’Australie, l’Algérie, la Tunisie, la Russie, etc.

Italy, Australia, Algeria, Tunisia, Russia, etc.

Noms de pays masculins (M)

Le Pakistan, l’Iran, l’Afghanistan, etc.

Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.

Le Japon, le Gabon, etc.

Japan, Gabon

Le Canada, le Rwanda

Canada, Rwanda

Le Maroc, l’Irak, le Brésil, etc.

Morocco, Irak, Brazil

Les États-Unis

United States

Rule :

  • are feminine all countries ending with -e (Excepted the following one which are masculine : Mexique, Zaïre, Cambodge, Mozambique, Zimbabwe)
  • are masculine all countries not ending with -e

2) Adjectifs de nationalité

Like most of the adjectives in French, adjectives of nationality are gendered : their ending  change depending of the gender of the noun or pronoun they describe.

!!! In French adjectives of nationality are written with a small letter.

The table below present the different kind of changes between masculine and feminine forms :



français, pakistanais, japonais, etc.
chinois, etc.
allemand, etc.
espagnol, etc.
américain, marocain, méxicain, etc.

+ e

française, pakistanaise, japonaise etc.
espagnole, etc.
américaine, marocaine, méxicaine, etc.

indien, italien, australien, etc.

+ ne

indienne, italienne, australienne, etc.







Map with the name of European countries and nationalities :


  1. Who speak ? A man (homme), a women (femme), we don’t know (on ne sait pas) ?  
  2. Complete the sentence…
  3. Do you know those food specialities ? Match the picture and the right sentence…
  4. Match city and nationality…
  5. Listen and select the gender of the adjective you heard…
  6. Select feminine or masculine adjective matching the object on the picture…
  7. Listen to the dialogue and select the correct adjective…
  8. Complete the sentence…
  9. Complete the sentences…
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