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Le style baroque

February 10, 2012

Last week, we read a text in class mentioning “de belles églises baroques”. Here is a short definition of “baroque” :

The Baroque is an artistic style which was born in Italy toward the end of the 16th Century. The Baroque style has influenced architecture, painting, sculpture, literature and music. It is mainly characterized by its magnificent and exuberant aspect. The Baroque style has had almost no influence in France because at this time the French monarchy was promoting a completely different style known as “classicism“, opposing to the excessiveness of Baroque the simplicity of geometrical forms.

The Baroque style when applied to churches corresponds to the  political agenda of the Catholic Church who saw in it a mean to promote the Catholic religion against the growing influence of the Protestant Reformation. Believers when entering a Baroque church were supposed to be overwhelmed by the imposing grandeur and striking beauty of the place, and so, to be even more attracted toward God and the Catholic religion.

Here is a picture of the ceiling of the Church of the Gesu in Roma (Italy), where painting and sculpture get mixed in very fascinating manner :

  1. The connection between artistic style of Italy and catholic region can be seen specially in Vatican city.Thanks for the post.

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