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Tu parles trop, a song by La Rue Kétanou

February 8, 2012

La Rue Kétanou is a French band mixing elements of reggae music, theatre, poetry and promoting “bohemian style of life” (see their song : “Sur les chemins de la Bohème”). The name of the band is a deformation of their motto (also title of one of their song) : “C’est pas nous qui sommes à la rue, c’est la rue qui est à nous”, meaning literally : “We don’t belong to the street, the street belongs to us”, with a play-word on the French expression “être à”, which can mean both “to be at” and “to belong to”. So the motto means something like that : “We are actually not leaving in the street like beggars, the street is our territory/our stage”.  The song “Tu parles trop” is part of their first album “En attendant les caravanes” recorded in 2001.



The chorus goes like that :

Tu parles trop (3 fois) / You talk too much

Tu n’écoutes plus personne / You don‘t listen to anyone any more

Et plus personne ne t’écoute / And no one listen to you any more.

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