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Adjectifs démonstratifs

February 4, 2012

Demonstrative adjectives (called also “demonstrative determiners”) are used to point out things or people :

  • Ce livre est très intéressant.
  • This book is very interesting.
  • यह किताब बहुत दिलचस्प है।

They agree in number and gender with the noun they introduce :




Ce livre*

Cet appartement*

Ces livres

Ces appartements


Cette chanson

Cette actrice

Ces chansons

Ces actrices

*Ce” is used with a masculine noun starting with a consonant and “cet” with a masculine noun starting with a vowel.

Note that in French, there is no differentiation between “this” and “that”, both can be translated by “ce”/”cet”/”cette”. To differentiate between something/someone situated close to the person speaking (“this”/यह) and something/someone situated far away (“that”/वह), -ci and -là can be added after the noun : Ce livre-ci (this book) ; ce livre-là (that book).




  1. Select the correct demonstrative adjective.
  2. Idem.
  3. Idem.
  4. Idem.
  5. Fill up the blank with the correct demonstrative adjective.
  6. Idem.
  7. Idem.
  8. Drag the correct demonstrative adjective to fill up the blanks.
  9. Rewrite the sentences putting the underlined elements in plural.

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